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We believe everyone deserves a fair chance at greater prosperity and meaning, without the sky-high student debt.  Learn from experts how you can make a difference.

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Leer onbeperkt en verdien geld met je kennis 🚀

Leer van winstgevende impact ondernemers over onderwerpen als Online Marketing, Webshop bouwen, Online cursus bouwen, Content Creatie en meer. Reageer op betaalde klussen van Noord Nederlandse opdrachtgevers en sleep jouw nieuwe samenwerking binnen.

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Met meer dan 350 videolessen is het misschien moeilijk om te iets te vinden…Vind het programma wat jou aanspreekt en ontdek welke trainingen het beste bij jouw onderneming passen!

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plan to make a difference

The world needs more pioneers, impact makers, creatives and especially ambitious entrepreneurs. On demand How you are going to make a difference.

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Met meer dan 350 videolessen van theorie tot praktische uit te voeren oefeningen. Kan jij in no-time van starter naar omzet naar echte groei.

The video lessons are cut into bite-sized lengths and, of course, easy to explore on all screens.

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Do you like doing more than listening? Happy. Then take advantage of plenty of clever Cheat Sheets and handy e-books to keep on hand.

1-op-1 live chat Reactie binnen 30 minuten

Gegarandeerd binnen 30 minuten reactie op mijn vragen? Absoluut!

Loop niet langer meer vast met praktische ondernemerschap vragen waar je snel een antwoord op wilt. Chat met ervaring impact ondernemers en krijg altijd binnen 30 minunten reactie op je vragen. Wel zo makkelijk 😉

Learn from +25 award-winning impact entrepreneurs

Practice what you preach. Learn only from true profitable impact entrepreneurs who have walked the path before. They will teach you not only how to do it, but also what mistakes you can avoid. No actors, just real entrepreneurs. As it should be.

Increase your chances of becoming a successful impact entrepreneur by making their knowledge and inspiration your own 💪

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With entrepreneurs, You're in the right place!

We don't say that, they say it themselves!

Alle kennis binnen handbereik.

Ontdek alle trainingen, cheat sheets en chat on-the-go. Download the app en leer waar en wanneer jou het beste uitkomt.

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Become an impact instructor at Startup Program and make a difference by sharing your knowledge. Check out the benefits and make money with your impact.


Startup Program is suitable for you if you are future-oriented and above all want to do business with impact. You see yourself as a discoverer, impact maker, leader or even miscreant and want to do business with the aim of making money and adding real value. It does not matter whether you are currently still employed, entrepreneurial within an organization or already have some experience in entrepreneurship. If you want to tell on birthdays with enthusiasm how your drive and passion helps other people, then you are in the right place.

Oh ja… Als je gelooft in word-snel-rijk advertienties met lamborghini’s op bali, dan wensen wij je daar alle succes.

You'll have instant access to all training and live chat. You can get started right away on your way to greater profits, impact and growth! 

The price does not include VAT. This is because as a business owner you can reclaim the VAT. This is an investment in yourself so you can claim it as an expense. If you are an employee, it is possible to claim the costs from your employer.

Absolutely! You decide what you do and don't want to discover. Rather discover that one interesting workout that didn't roll out of the personalizer? Then launch it from the training page! All workouts, tools and features are available at all times. The personalizer only helps you find the right workouts faster and smarter.

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